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One-off Support

We offer a one-off email support service.
This service is suitable for non-complex sleep issues, for example, how to ditch the dummy and how to link sleep cycles.

The Sweet Dreams Package for 6 months +

  • Review of Sleep Diary (2-3 days) and Sleep Questionnaire
  • 30 minutes telephone consultation
  • Bespoke ParentsBook Sleep Plan sent via PDF within 24 hours of consultation
  • One email or one follow up telephone call


The Sleep right 0-6 months Package

There are lots of things parents can do to set their little one’s up with great sleep habits. This service teaches parents about the science behind sleep and the impacts of developmental milestones in the first 6 months of life. We also explore what is ‘normal‘ baby sleep during this period.
Setting up healthy sleep habits and understanding sleep needs are the foundations to creating wonderful little sleepers. This also empowers parents giving them confidence in the choices and decisions they make. Within this session, gentle routines can be shaped and the bedtime routine established.

This package is suitable for parents of a newborn or parents to be. The package can be delivered on an individual basis, or if you have a few friends who also might be interested, it can be delivered to a small group.

The package consists of a video consultation lasting 1 hour and a booklet which you will be sent via email all about instilling good sleep habits.

The Sound Asleep Package 6 months +

  • Review of Sleep Diary (2-3 days) and review of Sleep Questionnaire
  • 30 minute telephone consultation
  • Bespoke ParentsBook Sleep Plan sent within 24 hours of telephone consultation
  • 10 day email follow up (1 email a day)



We provide antenatal and postnatal classes which can be delivered individually, or if preferred, in small groups.

Twins & Multiples Antenatal Classes

Currently, all our classes will take place virtually, allowing you to remain in the comfort of your own home.

Our twins and multiples classes are led by a Specialist Multiple Birth Midwife and Health Visitor, bringing you the most up-to-date, evidence-based information to allow you to make informed choices throughout your pregnancy and birth.

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Postnatal Classes

Coming soon! Pop back soon for more details

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‘Having 8 month old twins and a 4 year old can be challenging!  Up until now, I always just let the twins sleep when they want to and didn’t worry about a routine but this often resulted in them having short sleeps, being woken up by general noise and them being overtired.  They also rarely slept at the same time which meant I was struggling to do anything else (the trouble with twins)! 

I contacted @parentsbook for some well needed advice. I’m so glad I did as I didn’t know where to start!  It’s hard enough getting one into a routine let alone two! We went back to basics and I was told the reasons why it’s good to have a sleep routine.  The advice was practical and reassuring.  I also found them very supportive.

It’s early days but so far so good and the twins slept in the cots in their bedroom for nearly 2 hours today at the same time and I can’t remember the last time this happened! I can already see by them having a new routine they’ll be happier which of course makes me happier too 


Thank you @parentsbook’

Mum to 8 month old twin girls and a 4 year old

‘We came to Harriet with a tall order! We had a bed-sharing 1 year old who woke regularly in the night to comfort feed. We reached out in desperation for advice on how to get our daughter to sleep in her own room in her own cot.
Harriet took the time to get to know our routine, through our sleep diary (which showed regular wake ups – 15 one night!!!!), a telephone conversation and then daily email support. She was so gentle and supportive, giving us valuable advice and help. One week later – with Harriet’s help and some steely determination on our part, we had got ourselves into a new bedtime routine with our daughter sleeping in her own bed. Halleluja!

We highly recommend Harriet for any of your sleep needs!’

Mother to a 1 year old little girl, South East

‘We’ve come to the end of working with our sleep consultant and we now have sleeping babies! 

After two weeks of tweaking things here and there the girls now have naps during the day and last night slept 19:00 – 06:30.
I cannot tell you how relieved I am to know that sleep is now in our future and just in time for my birthday and Christmas.

Thank you Harriet @parentsbook we could not have achieved this without you and I’m so grateful for all of your support.’

Mum to identical twin girls aged 5.5 months

Let us join you on your journey.

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